Mr. Musa K. Wakabi – Directorate of Government Analytical Lab, Uganda
Research topics: Criminalistics, toxicology

Message :
I am indebted to Shimadzu for selecting me amongst the users of Shimadzu GC-MS equipment across the globe as a runner up for this campaign. The use of Shimadzu triple quadrupole gas chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry with its information-rich content and explicit confirmation has enabled us to obtain excellent results in food safety, environment monitoring and forensic toxicology. I am privileged for this and looking forward to continue my journey of mass spectrometry with Shimadzu as before with more enthusiasm and ambition.

“Shimadzu GC-MS analytical results that have contributed to society”

Analysis with Shimadzu instruments

The increasing public concern about pesticide contamination of food and the environment in recent years has increased the demand for broader and stricter pesticide monitoring. This requires an effective analytical technique for the simultaneous determination of pesticide residues to protect consumers and guarantee the safety of agricultural products. 

This study was aimed at determination of pesticide residues in cucumber using a GC-MS/MS with QuEChERS method in sample preparation. The use of Shimadzu triple quadrupole gas chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry (GCMS-TQ8040) with its information-rich library enabled excellent results to be obtained, thanks to its wonderful sensitivity and selectivity with helium carrier gas at a constant flow of 1mL/min. Pesticides were identified according to their retention times and target and qualifier ions, based on the peak area ratio of the targets to that of internal standard.


Contribution to society

Working in a forensic laboratory has enabled me to use Shimadzu GC-MS/MS equipment for a period of 10 years, carrying out toxicological analyses for toxic chemicals to provide answers to legal matters in courts of law. I have been able to analyse exhibits of suspected chemical poisoning and related cases submitted by police investigating officers, and have presented scientific evidence as an expert witness, thereby playing a central role in the administration of justice in Uganda.

My future expectations for Shimadzu

I have the confidence and trust that Shimadzu will continue supplying the world of analytical science with highly efficient and robust instruments able to perform unprecedented analyses of ultra-trace amounts, with higher mass resolution, coupled with reduced maintenance frequency, reduced long-term operational costs and greater uptime.