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Dual-range analytical balance that meets requirements of GLP/GMP compliance,

Dual-range analytical balance that meets requirements of GLP/GMP compliance, 3 different types of automatic span calibration: fully automatic calibration by temperature detection (PSC), fully automatic calibration at user pre-set times (Clock-CAL) and span calibration at any time (Touch-key calibration): Capacity: 220g / 42g Dual range, Readability: 0.0001g / 0.00001g (0.1mg / 0.01mg), Supplied with: Power adapter and user manual.

High Speed – Fast weighing response
Stress Free – A variety of accessories and options suitable for semi-micro measurements
For Regulation-for the Pharmaceutical Industry
For HPLC- Functions are included for the preparation of buffer solutions used in HPLC.
Save Your Operation- Equipped with USB as standard.
Smart Setting

SVM 4001, SVM 3001 & SVM 3001 COLD PROPERTIES.


SVM 4001, SVM 3001 & SVM 3001 COLD PROPERTIES.
SVM 4001: Fastest viscosity index (VI) determination compliant to ASTM D2270, from the lowest sample volume. Convenient viscosity-temperature extrapolation according to ASTM D341.
Innovative double-cell design for simultaneous measurement of kinematic viscosity and density at any two temperatures between +15 °C and +100 °C for example:
·        40 °C and 100 °C for viscosity index of base oils and lube blends
·        50 °C and 100 °C for viscosity of heavy fuel oils
·        15 °C for density and 40 °C for viscosity of fuel oils


  • Base and Lube Oils | Viscosity Index of Base and Lube Oils with SVM 4001
    SVM 3001: is more than a viscometer, it gives you more parameters than any other kinematic viscometer on the market.
  • A single measurement on a small sample volume yields kinematic viscosity, density, dynamic viscosity, viscosity index and more. Kinematic viscosity fully compliant with ASTM D7042 & Density measurement according to ASTM D4052 and ISO 12185.
  • Multi parameter measurement from a single syringe
  • Minimum sample volume of 1.5 mL.
  • Wide temperature ranges from -60 °C to +135 °C.
  • Wide viscosity ranges from 0.2 to 30 000 mm2/s


Jet fuel, used oil, Lube oils and Diesel with SVM 3001.

Optika Microscopes Italy



This series incorporates all the experience gathered by OPTIKA Microscopes in the field of light microscopy, adapted specifically for common laboratory applications.

Suitable for routine microscopy with bright field, darkfield, phase contrast and LED fluorescence, designed to last. IOS W-PLAN 40x/0.65 (Oil). APPLICATION: Education, biology, botany, and simple material analysis, where all the samples are mounted on standard glass slides.


  • Has Valuable configurations of cordless and modern stereo & stereo zoom microscopes.
  • Provided with dual magnification or 6.43:1 zoom ratio, FN 21 high eyepoint eyepieces, high-grade precise fixed arm with focus and handle with the latest technology of EcoLED™ illumination plus rechargeable batteries.
  • Slim and easy to carry, all the models with high-grade precise fixed arm are equipped with long lasting LED illumination to provide over 20 years of use. APPLICATIONS including dissection, biology, entomology, anatomy, chemistry, material science among the others and even industrial purposes.

Dramatically improve your efficiencies with the ultra-high performing Phenomenex UHPLC columns

Dramatically improve your efficiencies with the ultra-high performing Phenomenex UHPLC columns! As a leader in UHPLC, Phenomenex offers exceptionally high quality and unique fully porous and core-shell particle type UHPLC columns that achieve extraordinary resolution results for your separations on any system.


Our reversed phase HPLC Column Match web tool allows you to develop reversed methods without having to go on the lab. Quickly and easily reversed HPLC column develop methods based on compound type, USP methods, application, or desired column phase.

Phenomenex offers the absolute best in reverse phase, normal phase, hilic, ion Exchange and Ion exclusion columns. The best selectivity with high efficiency. SPR Extraction kits for analysis with GC & HPLC.


Estec Kenya opens new offices in Kampala Uganda.

Estec Kenya limited has opened its new offices in Kampala Uganda, SAR SCIENTIFIC .

The move aims at serving the analytical needs of its customers within Uganda.

Sar Scientific Uganda gives you the opportunity to discover the power of analytical intelligence!

The offices are located at  Krish Elegance, Plot 49A, Naguru Drive, Uganda.


Are you tired of the length of time it currently spends on sample digestion? Is your current digestion tedious & sample consuming? Do you suffer from constant glassware breakages and purchases?
Are you worried about your safety while running the traditional extraction& digestion systems? Anton Paar has an upgraded SOLUTION for YOU!
For both small labs with few samples to big labs with many samples. It is FASTER, SAFER, ECONOMICAL & CONVENIENT!

From the multiwave PRO & Multiwave GO to Multiwave 5000 & Multiwave GO Plus respectively. #innovation


Phenomenex is giving ESTEC clients a crazy and unbelievable discount for columns: SEASONAL OFFER OF 15% FOR ANY PURCHASE OF HPLC/GC Columns for orders MORE than 5.
If you are running on HPLC Columns – C18, C8, C6, C5, Phenyl Hexyl, CN, NH2, and GC/GC-MS Columns – ZB-ms, ZB-5, ZB-Multiresidue & ZB-SemiVolatile columns, you need to talk to us now and we shall UPGRADE YOU!


In many cases, the quality, effectiveness, and shelf-life of a product strongly depend on its oxidation stability. Therefore, it is absolutely crucial to know the oxidative behavior as it can directly correlate to a negative consumer’s perception. In order to guarantee that all properties of a product are maintained until used, we offer a powerful tool with the RapidOxy 100.

One of the major benefits is its applicability with all kinds of products, like fluid, semi-solid, and solid samples which can be measured without any prior sample preparation. With the RapidOxy 100, Anton Paar clearly provides a simple and in many aspects time as well as a cost-saving way to determine, investigate, and if necessary also improve the oxidative behavior of various products.

Kindly contact us to learn how the RapidOxy 100 combines fully automatic accelerated aging with monitoring the oxygen consumption to enable:

  • Screening of antioxidants, ingredients, processes, etc.
  • Monitoring quality and storage conditions over time
  • Estimating shelf-life of raw materials, components, and of the finished product

We are always at your service.


Determining the composition of refinery gas and measurement of trace sulfur content is very crucial in Hydrocarbon Processing Industry gas chromatography applications. Trace amounts of volatile sulfurs present in gas streams can poison the catalyst used in processes, which can cost millions of dollars.

Shimadzu recently launched the highly sensitive Nexis SCD-2030 that is used in combination with the existing High-Speed Refinery Gas Analyzer for speciation and quantification of trace sulfur components. This complete system, which has four detectors operating simultaneously, is a very accurate, robust, and efficient solution complying with ASTM D7833, UOP 539, and ASTM D5504 methods.

Kindly contact us to know more about this state-of-the-art analyzer and new industry-standard SCD detector and their unique synergy that maximizes operational efficiency and minimizes total cost.