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Small but MIGHTY: Brevis GC 2050

Shimadzu addresses the demand for a smaller, simpler, and easier-to-use gas chromatograph without compromising performance with the development of the Brevis GC-2050. This compact instrument features a space-saving yet expandable design, ensuring it meets the analytical needs of laboratories in various industries. The GC-2050 boasts a sufficient oven size, a remote display for convenient monitoring, compact and easy maintenance, and reduced energy and gas consumption.


Its features include:

Compact without Compromise

The Brevis GC-2050 is designed to save space while maintaining performance excellence. Its space-saving yet expandable design allows flexibility in various laboratory setups. The GC oven size is sufficient for effective analysis, and the instrument’s remote display enhances accessibility. Furthermore, the compact design ensures ease of maintenance, contributing to operational efficiency while consuming less energy and gas.

Built-in Analytical Intelligence

The Brevis GC-2050 is equipped with built-in analytical intelligence, streamlining operations for enhanced efficiency. It enables automatic remote operation, automates procedures through features like Clean Pilot, ensures analysis starts immediately under optimal conditions with an automatic start and stop function, and facilitates remote control and monitoring through LabSolutions Direct.

Best-in-Class Performance

With the Brevis GC-2050, Shimadzu delivers best-in-class performance, ensuring outstanding analytical reproducibility. The instrument is engineered to meet the high standards required for precise and reliable analytical results, making it a top choice for laboratories seeking uncompromising performance in gas chromatography.

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By Mitchelle Gacheri
Marketing Executive- ESTEC LTD