Unveiling Excellence: A Symphony of Cutting-Edge Analytical Solutions from Our Esteemed Partners

In the intricate world of analytical solutions, our commitment to delivering excellence is epitomized by the dynamic collaborations we share with industry-leading partners. These visionary companies are not just suppliers; they are the backbone of our ability to provide state-of-the-art analytical equipment to our clients. Join us on a journey through the diverse array of solutions our esteemed partners bring to the table.


Shimadzu: Elevating Precision Across the Spectrum     

Shimadzu stands at the forefront, supplying us with a comprehensive range of equipment spanning chromatography, spectroscopy, elemental analysis, analytical balances, and advanced data management software. Their commitment to innovation aligns seamlessly with our mission to provide cutting-edge solutions across multiple analytical domains.



Anton Paar: Revolutionizing Lab Measurements     

From density and concentration to volatility and consistency, Anton Paar equips us with a suite of instruments that redefine lab measurements. Their offerings extend to rheology, viscosity, and particle characterization, ensuring our clients have access to the most advanced tools for accurate analysis.



Gerhardt: Mastering Digestion and Analysis             

Gerhardt’s contributions are vital in the realms of digestion, hydrolysis, fiber analysis, solid-liquid extraction, and steam distillation. Their equipment plays a crucial role in ensuring precision and reliability in a variety of analytical processes in the food industry.



Pharmatest: Shaping the Future of Pharmaceutical Analysis     

Pharmatest’s range of dissolution testers, disintegration analyzers, friability and hardness testers, and suppository testing equipment empower us to meet the exacting standards of pharmaceutical analysis. Their commitment to quality aligns seamlessly with our dedication to delivering excellence in every test.


Phenomenex: Unraveling Complexities with HPLC and GC Solutions     

Phenomenex enhances our clients capabilities with high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) and gas chromatography (GC) columns. Additionally, their sample preparation kits and QuEChERS kits contribute to seamless and efficient analytical workflows.



Rigaku: Advancing Analytical Insights with Raman Technology     

Rigaku’s Raman technology, embodied in products like Progeny and CQL, revolutionizes analytical processes in pharmaceutical, regulatory, and forensic sectors. Their innovative solutions provide unparalleled insights, further enriching our analytical offerings.



Randox Food Diagnostics & Randox Toxicology: Pioneering Forensic and Clinical Analysis 


Randox offers a comprehensive suite of solutions, including the Evidence Investigator, Multistat, and Evidence Plus. These are integral in the analysis of blood, urine, tissue, and hair, contributing significantly to forensic and clinical investigations.



Zeutec: Harnessing NIR Technology for Diverse Applications     

Zeutec’s Near-Infrared (NIR) technology enhances clients capabilities in testing flour, beer, olive oil, milk, honey, grain, and wine. Their solutions bring precision and efficiency to a wide range of analytical processes.



Memmert: Creating Ideal Environments for Analysis           

Memmert enriches our analytical capabilities with a range of incubators, ovens, water baths, and climate chambers. These instruments create the ideal environments for various analytical processes, ensuring reliable and reproducible results.



Evoqua: Purifying Water, Empowering Analyses             

Evoqua plays a crucial role in our operations by providing state-of-the-art water purification systems. Clean, pure water is fundamental to accurate analytical processes, and Evoqua’s solutions contribute significantly to our commitment to precision.


Optika: Enabling Microscopic Insights             

Optika’s microscopes empower our clients with microscopic insights, facilitating detailed analysis across a spectrum of applications. Their instruments are a cornerstone in our dedication to providing comprehensive analytical solutions.



SI Analytics: Precision Titrations for Analytical Excellence             

SI Analytics’ titrators contribute to the precision and accuracy of our customers analytical processes. Their commitment to excellence aligns seamlessly with our mission to deliver reliable and reproducible results.


WTW: Illuminating Analyses with Colorimeters and Analyzers   

WTW’s offerings, including colorimeters, analyzers, and photometers, bring a new level of illumination to analytical processes. These instruments are crucial in ensuring accurate and reliable results across various applications.


As we celebrate the diverse and innovative solutions provided by our esteemed partners, we acknowledge the pivotal role they play in shaping our commitment to analytical excellence. These collaborations represent more than just transactions; they signify a shared dedication to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the world of analytical solutions. Together with our partners, we look forward to continuing this journey of innovation and providing our clients with the most advanced and reliable analytical equipment available.


By Mitchelle Gacheri
Marketing Executive- ESTEC LTD