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SVM 4001, SVM 3001 & SVM 3001 COLD PROPERTIES.


SVM 4001, SVM 3001 & SVM 3001 COLD PROPERTIES.
SVM 4001: Fastest viscosity index (VI) determination compliant to ASTM D2270, from the lowest sample volume. Convenient viscosity-temperature extrapolation according to ASTM D341.
Innovative double-cell design for simultaneous measurement of kinematic viscosity and density at any two temperatures between +15 °C and +100 °C for example:
·        40 °C and 100 °C for viscosity index of base oils and lube blends
·        50 °C and 100 °C for viscosity of heavy fuel oils
·        15 °C for density and 40 °C for viscosity of fuel oils


  • Base and Lube Oils | Viscosity Index of Base and Lube Oils with SVM 4001
    SVM 3001: is more than a viscometer, it gives you more parameters than any other kinematic viscometer on the market.
  • A single measurement on a small sample volume yields kinematic viscosity, density, dynamic viscosity, viscosity index and more. Kinematic viscosity fully compliant with ASTM D7042 & Density measurement according to ASTM D4052 and ISO 12185.
  • Multi parameter measurement from a single syringe
  • Minimum sample volume of 1.5 mL.
  • Wide temperature ranges from -60 °C to +135 °C.
  • Wide viscosity ranges from 0.2 to 30 000 mm2/s


Jet fuel, used oil, Lube oils and Diesel with SVM 3001.