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Shimadzu’s ICPMS-2040 Series / ICPMS-2050 Series of ICP Mass Spectrometers has achieved a harmonious blend of environmental-friendliness and analytical performance through its advanced proprietary Mini-Torch System.

Without the need for any special options, it reduces measurement time, contributing to the optimization of your workflow efficiency in trace element analysis.

Moreover, the software comes with various functions, options, and maintenance information that minimize operator intervention, revolutionizing the way you work


Innovative yet Environmentally Conscious

Featuring an advanced mini-torch design and a redesigned collision/reaction cell, our eco-friendly system delivers superior analytical performance. With low argon gas consumption, our mini-torch system utilizes only 11 L/min of argon, significantly less than typical plasma torches, ensuring up to 10 hours of continuous operation from a 7 m3 gas cylinder. Our Eco mode further reduces gas consumption during standby.


Efficient Collision Mode

Our system introduces inert helium gas into the cell to selectively attenuate kinetic energies of polyatomic ions based on their sizes, resulting in fewer by-product ions and making it suitable for a wide range of applications. Additionally, our redesigned gas controller ensures high-speed cell gas purging, shortening introduction and exhaust times for enhanced efficiency.

Proactive Rinsing and Preset Methods

With ProActive Rinsing, the rinsing sequence can be initiated early while collecting data, reducing measurement time and conserving samples. Moreover, our preset analytical methods come pre-configured with optimized settings for common ICPMS applications, allowing for immediate use with minimal training.

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By: Mitchelle Gacheri
Marketing Executive- ESTEC LTD