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Category: SEMINAR

Mombasa Seminar

On the 28th of August 2018, Estec limited in partnership with Shidmadzu corporation and Anton Paar held a fruitful one day seminar on Petroleum Equipment. We had 30 participants in attendance.The seminar was facilitated by a team of experts from Shimadzu, Anton Paar and Estec Limited.

Kampala Seminar

On 3rd September Estec Ltd in partnership with Shimadzu Corporation held a successful one day seminar on Shimadzu analytical Solution for testing labs. We had more than 45 participants in attendance representing Government Regulatory labs, Forensic, Pharma, Food, Academic, Research & Manufacturing. The seminar was facilitated by a team of experts from Shimadzu and Estec.  New analytical techniques and models were discussed, participants were also able to interact, network & share ideas on successes and challenges.